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If you missed the first two episodes of OUT OF EGYPT on the Discovery Channel, you can download them now at the iTunes store.

For a limited time, the first episode ('Flesh and Bone') is available for free!

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The Discovery Channel special Secrets of Egypt's Lost Queen is now available for purchase online, featuring Kara in Egypt as she helps to investigate the history and life of Queen Hatshepsut.


Video and audio clips available to watch online:

Highlights from OUT OF EGYPT's first episode:


Today Show Kara on The Today Show.
Kara's TODAY SHOW segment from August 24, 2009 is currently online. Click here to watch!
Kara on The Late, Late Show.
Kara talked with Craig Ferguson about OUT OF EGYPT on August 14, 2009.
Kara visits The Late, Late Show again!
Craig was nice enough to have Kara back on March 11, 2009
Cool Jobs: Egyptologist
What does it take to be an Egyptologist?
A Discovery Channel News clip.
Hatshepsut: Why Is This Find So Significant?
Exclusive video at
Hatshepsut: More Powerful Than Cleopatra?
Exclusive video at
Kara on The Late, Late Show
Kara visits Craig Ferguson on July 11, 2007
Hatshepsut: Evil Stepmother or Creative Ruler?
Exclusive video at
Unraveling Hatshepsut's Story
Short video at Discovery Channel News
[video] Interview asks Kara to explain Hatshepsut's place in history.
National Public Radio:
The Death of King Tut
Kara talks about the recent CT Scans of King Tut's mummy.
[audio] (click "listen" at top of page)
NBC Today Show Clip:
King Tut's Secrets
The Today Show asks Kara about the death of King Tut.
[video] ("launch" video at top of page)
Skeptical Sunday: Curses!
Seti Institute Science Radio
Kara lifts the veil on the curse of the mummy.